Transparent Soft PVC Plastic Sheet Roll

(1)Transparent Soft PVC Sheet Roll with high quality.(2)No poison(3)No smell and pollution(4)No crack under -25° C(5)No arcing over under 10 KV min(6)No Stick(7)No bubble(8)Easy to clean(9)Application Temperature: -50° C to + 50° C(10)Flexibility, clarity, durability(11)Reduces Heat or Cold Air Loss.(12)Restricts mov

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(1)Transparent Soft PVC Sheet Roll with high quality.
(2)No poison
(3)No smell and pollution
(4)No crack under -25° C
(5)No arcing over under 10 KV min
(6)No Stick
(7)No bubble
(8)Easy to clean
(9)Application Temperature: -50° C to + 50° C
(10)Flexibility, clarity, durability
(11)Reduces Heat or Cold Air Loss.
(12)Restricts movement of Dust, Grunge, Smoke and Fumes.
(13)Admits Light, Saves time and work.
(14)Providing bird and fling insect control.
(15)Isolates noisy machinery.
(16)Increases employee comfort.
(17)Strong and durable.
(18)Minimum maintenance.
(19)Easy to install.

They Are Ideal For:
(1)Pharmaceutical Industries; Hotels & Kitchen Area
(2)Packaging Industries; Manufacturing Plants
(3)Processing of Agricultural Products; Engineering Industry
(1)Commodity and Specification(2)Size/roll(3)KG/roll
PVC Sheet1.0mmX1000mmX20m25kg
PVC Sheet1.0mmX1200mmX20m30kg
PVC Sheet1.0mmX1370mmX20m34.25kg
PVC Sheet1.0mmX1500mmX20m37kg
PVC Sheet1.0mmX1830mmX20m45.75kg
PVC Sheet1.0mmX1850mmX20m46kg
PVC Sheet2.0mmX1000mmX20m50kg
PVC Sheet2.0mmX1200mmX20m60kg
PVC Sheet2.0mmX1370mmX20m68.5kg
PVC Sheet2.0mmX1500mmX20m75kg
PVC Sheet2.0mmX1830mmX20m91.5kg
PVC Sheet2.0mmX1850mmX20m92kg
PVC Sheet3.0mmX1000mmX20m75kg
PVC Sheet3.0mmX1200mmX20m90kg
PVC Sheet3.0mmX1500mmX20m113kg
PVC Sheet3.0mmX1800mmX20m136kg
PVC Sheet4.0mmX1000mmX20m100kg
PVC Sheet4.0mmX1200mmX20m120kg
PVC Sheet4.0mmX1800mmX20m180kg
PVC Sheet5.0mmX900mmX20m113kg
PVC Sheet5.0mmX1000mmX20m125kg
PVC Sheet5.0mmX1200mmX20m150kg
PVC Sheet5.0mmX1800mmX15m169kg
PVC Sheet6.0mmX1000mmX20m150kg
PVC Sheet6.0mmX1200mmX20m180kg
PVC Sheet7.0mmX1000mmX20m175kg
PVC Sheet7.0mmX1200mmX15m158kg
PVC Sheet8.0mmX1000mmX10m100kg
PVC Sheet8.0mmX1200mmX10m120kg

Transparent Soft PVC Plastic Sheet Roll
Transparent Soft PVC Plastic Sheet Roll
Transparent Soft PVC Plastic Sheet Roll

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